Other Products Available

Apart from selling guitars at Road Side Guitars store we also sell other music products instruments for engineers, producers, electronic musicians and large Pro Audio departments.  Some of the products we have available include public address equipment, digital drums kits, studio production gear, synths, and large digital pianos. Our lovely staff will help you understand every product you are interested in while at any our stores. Furthermore, they will help you breaking down the technical parts and help you know how to operate the equipment.

Besides that, we offer after sale services to ensure the products we sell to you are working perfectly. Furthermore, the aftersales services also help us understand the challenges you encounter while using the products. Your feedback will come in handy at helping manufacturing companies know how to rectify and upgrade their products. So the next time we visit you, please don’t hold back on any information we value your feedback. Your feedback will be useful in the manufacturing process.

As a way of encouraging more people to take career paths in the music industry, we are at the forefront of motivating students and kids to join music clubs in their schools. Moreover, we also spearhead the formation of music clubs to encourage kids to take music classes. After the creation of the clubs, we also go the extra mile of equipping the clubs with musical instruments.

We also organise guitar competitions and concerts to help raise funds or support the different instrument’s players who would love to pursue careers in music. Apart from that, we act as mentors in schools to encourage kids to explore their talents. In collaboration with other players in the music industry, we do organise concerts and competitions. For the latter winners get incentives which come accompanied with scholarships. Through that, we are positively impacting the society and helping people understand their talents can also be their source of income.

Casino Bonuses

Casinos of today are putting in place different features to capture a lot of customers. Besides providing the best collection of games, some have put in place an array of bonuses. For Oranje casino, new players can trigger the Oranje casino bonus package with a minimum deposit of € 10. With that, you get 100% Oranje casino bonus together with 250 free spins for a spinning session at Blood Sucker game. Besides the new player Oranje casino bonus there are several promotions available for players.

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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor casino bonus

Further on Dunder casino has put in place quite a collection of free spins bonussen for its players. For new players, the welcoming gift is worth 600 $, € or £ and comes with an addition of 200 free spins. Besides that package new players at Dunder casino get 20 free spin no-deposit bonuses. The latter is pegged for spinning sessions at starburst. Although the free spins come with wagering requirements, Dunder casino has taken care of its players. To activate any of the free spins van Dunder casino, please go to My Dunder tab and proceed to activate any bonus available.

PayPal Casinos

On many online casinos, today players have several payment channels available for sending cash to their channels or withdrawing their winnings. One of the most common payment channels is PayPal. Below is a list of online PayPal casinos starting with 888 Casino, Party Casino, Euro Grand Casino, Power spin casino, casino.com, William Hill, Jackpotcity, Netbet, BGOCasino review, Mr. Green and many more. Right at its platform, PayPal casinos enable players to deposit or withdraw funds and go on with their gaming spree. When making your deposits via PayPal casinos note the minimum deposit amount ranges from 10- 25 US dollars.

On the other hand, the withdrawal limits depend on your preferred PayPal casino. While some might have a higher withdrawal limit in place in other PayPal casinos limit might be lower.

Regardless of all the limitations in place, PayPal casinos have put in place a highly secure platform that assures its players of top-notch security measures to safeguard their funds. Furthermore, it’s available in very many countries across the globe.